Informatics Academy has put in place a dispute resolution mechanism to address all feedback, complaints or grievance received from students.  The feedback and dispute resolution procedure is documented in the Student Handbook.  This will be highlighted to all students during Pre-course Counselling and Student Orientation sessions to ensure that they are aware of the provisions and escalation arrangement.

Whenever feasible, all issues should be resolved between the Student Services Department and the Student at the instant it occurs.  If the issues cannot be resolved amicably or is beyond the authority of the Student Services Department, the student may lodge a formal feedback/complaints/grievance by completing the Informatics Feedback Form and drop the form into the Feedback Box or by sending the form via email to

In the event where the school and the student are unable reach a settlement within a reasonable timeframe, the student may refer the matter to CPE Student Services Centre for further advice.  Depending on the nature of the complaint, CPE may refer the matter to Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb) for mediation and arbitration as deemed appropriate.

Click here CPE advisory note on Dispute Resolution Scheme.


Any student who has any feedback or complaint should contact the Student Services Department. Student Services staff will attempt to resolve the matter(s) and may refer the case to the Head of Department (HOD) if it cannot be resolved immediately.


If the initial effort and response from the HOD for Student Services in Step 1 is deemed unsatisfactory, the student may lodge a formal complaint by completing the Informatics Feedback Form and drop-in at the Feedback Box or by via email to

Feedback, complaints and grievance of the situations below are deemed as void and will not be pursued:

  • Complaints that are anonymous in nature whereby facts cannot be verified;
  • Complainants did not leave contact details and cannot be consulted to assist in the investigation;
  • Complainants refuse to respond to queries during the investigation;
  • Complainants are unable to provide evidence [documentary proof] to validate their claims within 3 working days of the query


The school will review the feedback/complaint and commission an investigation accordingly. The matter may be directed to relevant departments or escalated to upper management for attention. The school may contact the student (to verify facts as necessary) and attempt to resolve the issue within 21 working days.

The school will notify the complainant of the decision and actions taken.


In the event the student and the school are unable to resolve the issue, the student may refer the matter to CPE Student Services Centre and seek advice whether to proceed to Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) for mediation.

Information about the CPE Advisory Note on the Dispute Resolution Scheme is available at

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