Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory and non-standard fees which students will pay only when necessary or applicable. Such fees are normally collected on an ad-hoc basis by Informatics when the need arises and are non-refundable.

Purpose of FeeAmount (inclusive of GST)
Administrative Fee For Conversion of Full Payment to Installment PlanSGD 321.00
Application – Exemption/Credit Transfer Fee*SGD 53.50
Application For Course ExtensionSGD 53.50
Assessment Appeal Fee (all assessments except NCC)SGD 160.50
Courier – Local FeeSGD 32.10
Courier – Overseas FeeSGD 85.60
Credit Transfer Approval – per module*SGD 37.45
Deferment FeeSGD 321.00
Examination Result Verification Fee (NCC only)SGD 80.25
Exemption Approval – per module*SGD 128.40
Late Payment Charges (after 7 calendar days)SGD 53.50
Late Registration for all Examinations (latest 4 weeks before exam) – per moduleSGD 53.50
Printing of Letter of VerificationSGD 10.70
Project – ExtensionSGD 267.50
Re-Issuance – Certificate (IA Awards)SGD 58.85
Re-Issuance – Student CardSGD 21.40
Re-Issuance – Study GuideSGD 10.70
Re-Issuance – Transcript (IA Awards)SGD 53.50
Special Exam Venue Arrangement (latest 4 weeks before exam date)SGD 107.00
Special Exam Setting Fee (if approved)SGD 535.00
Statement Of ResultSGD 53.50
Student Pass Processing And Administrative FeesSGD 321.00
Student Pass Processing Fee (where applicable)SGD 32.10
Unit Resit Fee for NCC L3IFDES (RFQ)SGD 105.93
Unit Resit Fee for NCC L4DC (RFQ)SGD 105.93
Unit Resit Fee for NCC L5DC (RFQ)SGD 105.93
Unit Resit Fee for L5DCSSGD 211.86
Variation of Payment Plan (per change request)SGD 53.50

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