Introduction to Data Science in the Cloud


Duration: 5 days (40 hours)
Workshop Date: 22-26 February & 15-19 March 2021
Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Fees: $1070 (inclusive of GST)
Venue: The workshop will be conducted online

Learning Objective

Organize, Analyze & Visualize Data towards Actionable Business Insights- just how Analytics teams at the FAANG firms do. Master skills across Business Analytics, Cloud Computing & Tableau that help position you uniquely for a wide set of Business, Technical & Strategy roles.

  • Begin the journey towards the Sexiest Job in the 21st Century!
    Learn how Facebook & Google train their analysts to deliver data projects-by themselves! Along the way learn skills in Data Analytics, Cloud Computing & Tableau. Begin the journey in to Data Science with your live Capstone project, that showcases your ability to deliver such powerful end-to-end projects.
  • Solve the World’s Most Interesting Problems
    Become indispensable to employers through your newly-learned data & analytics fluency. Build on the power of data to work at the forefront of diverse industries like BFSI & FinTech, Retail, Logistics and Telecommunication amongst others.
  • Boost Employability Opportunities Through
    Students who graduate gain the expertise and confidence to seek employement opportunities as a well-rounded professional in the fields of Data Analytics & AI- reported by the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2020 to be growing at >40% every year.
    Key Skills & Concepts learned

  • Data Analytics:Python
  • Dashboarding: PowerBI
  • Cloud Computing: Servers & VMs, Data Storage & Management, Databases & Data Warehousing (SQL)

Workshop Content

Module 1.1: Introduction to Python

  • Introduction to Python fundamentals
  • Working with Lists, dictionaries & complex data structures
  • String processing

Module 1.2: Intermediate Python

  • Introduction to Pandas, Numpy & Matplotlib- the holy trifecta of DS
  • Data Analytics with Python

Module 2.1: Introduction to the Cloud (AWS)

  • Introduction to Cloud, virtual servers & why + when to go cloud v/s on-prem v/s local
  • Understanding the Cloud landscape & various Data Science/ Big Data components
  • Hands on with AWS

Module 3.1: Introduction to SQL

  • Intro to SQL
  • Intro to SQL in the Cloud
  • Engaging with DBs & SQL in the Cloud

Module 2.2: Intermediate Cloud (AWS) Functionalities

  • Work on EC2, S3, RDS & various other AWS concepts

Module 3.2: Advanced SQL

  • Introduction to various use cases, relevant to audience’s industrial experience
  • Work with intermediate & advanced SQL querying- including date & time formatting
  • Understand how to optimize queries -especially for dashboards & reports

Module 4.1: Advanced Python

  • Python + APIs + Databases + Cloud

Module 5.1: Advanced Dashboarding

  • Understanding key pitfalls regarding Dashboarding
  • Building dashboards which can be publicly exposed to showcase the Capstone project- which combines all 5 days of work into a single project!

Module 4.2: Introduction to Dashboarding

  • Intro to Charting- when, where & why
  • Intro to Data Viz on Visualization tools

Module 5.2: Putting it Together

  • Intro to Business & Data Problem solutioning
  • Understanding different types of challenges each participant’s industry faces in Data Analytics

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