The following procedures are to be adhered to when applying for a programme with Informatics Academy. This would help to ensure that your application is processed without delay.

Fee protection scheme

The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) is mandatory for EduTrust certified Private Education Institution. It serves to protect students’ fees in the event the school ceases operation due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure.  The FPS also protects students if the school fails to pay penalties or return fees to the students arising from the judgment made against it by the Singapore courts.

Under the prevailing FPS guidelines, schools are allowed to collect up to twelve months worth of course fees for each payment. Students may check their FPS status with their school or insurance provider.

LONPAC Insurance Bhd is the FPS insurer for Informatics Academy. For details of the FPS Insurance Policy, please refer to

Click here to view the FPS Insurance Certificate – LONPAC Insurance Bhd.

For more information on the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS), please refer to the official website of the CPE at

Medical insurance

Medical Insurance is intended to protect student against hefty medical expenses. It covers hospitalisation and related medical treatment expenses.

Informatics Academy has put in place a group Medical Insurance arrangement whereby all students are automatically insured under the Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance operated by AXA Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd.

With effect from 1 July 2017, Informatics Academy will provide this coverage for all students on a complimentary basis for the duration of the current policy.

The scheme provides for an annual coverage limit of up to S$30,000 per student, at least B1 ward in government and restructured hospitals and 24 hours coverage in Singapore and Overseas (if Student is involved in school-related activities) throughout the course duration. Reasonable and customary charges apply if the student is hospitalised in a hospital outside Singapore.

Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the scheme and note the Exclusion Clause.  Students should note what treatments are claimable.

Click here to view the Benefits Schedule for Informatics Academy

Click here to view the Certificate of Insurance

Click here to download a Medical Insurance Claim Form.  All claims to be forward to Student Services Department for attention.

Click here to download the NTUC Income Co-Operative Limited Insurance Claims Procedure and FAQs

Student contract

The student and PEI must enter a standard PEI-Student Contract.  The contract is a legal binding agreement between the school and the students that sets out the terms and conditions governing the relationship between the parties. The contract must be executed prior to payment of course fees and commencement of classes.

Informatics Academy adopts the standard PEI-Student Contract drafted prepared by the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

Click here to download a copy of the specimen PEI-Student Contract v3.1

Prior to the signing on the Student contract, the prospective student is required to complete the Advisory Note to Student (Form 12) to acknowledge that he/she has read and fully understood the contents of the contract.

Click here to download a copy of the Advisory Note.

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