Development & Implementation of Data Governance


Duration: 3 days (24 hours)
Workshop Date: 24-26 February & 10-12 March 2021
Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Fees: $963 (inclusive of GST)
Venue: Informatics Academy Campus

Learning Objective

  • Learning Objective
    This course will give participants a very deep understanding of the operational activities that make up a holistic data governance practice. We will discuss the importance of design and architecture that is technology agnostic and aligned to business aspirations. Data quality is the biggest determinant of a company’s ability to innovate using data. We will spend significant time deep diving into the various aspects of data management and how they impact data quality.
    We will also look at how to audit and assess data quality and readiness to support decision making.
    With more organisations looking to technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to assist with data innovation, ‘new’ challenges related to data integration from multiple sources need to be addressed as these could impact automated decisions. Issues like data lineage and provenance never used to be a subject for data management. Now, it one of the top reasons for flawed automated decisions.
    We will also look at how a properly structured data governance program will help with both internal and external compliance. A ‘compliance by design’ approach to the governance framework will embed operational indicators for suspected non-compliance.
    This will reduce or eliminate compliance related surprises. At the end of it all, we will look at the opportunities presented to organisations that have a robust data governance practice. To re-enforce learning, the audience will participate in scenario discussions and table-top exercises based on real world challenges.
    The participants are encouraged to bring their work-place data challenges. These can be workshopped as learning opportunities and the contributor potentially takes away a solution to their challenge.
  • Target Participants
    Business leaders who are tasked to champion or drive the organisation’s data governance/data management initiatives, or a technical professional tasked to build and operate a data governance practice.
  • Pre-requisite
    Must have attended ‘Overview of Data Governance’ or Have relevant work experience or attended relevant training in Data Governance, Data Management or Data Operations
  • Course Level
    Technical- Intermediate to Advanced
  • Course Format
    Interactive lecture and group discussions
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Workshop Content (3 Days)

Module 1: Data Governance- from Organisation and Policy to Operations

Module 2: Data Architecture and Design Principals

Module 3: Master Data Management (MDM)

Module 4: Data Classification

Module 5: Data (Quality) Management

Module 6: Data Integration and Interoperability

Module 7: Regulatory Compliance

Module 8: Organisation Transformation

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