Data Governance


Duration: 5 days (40 hours)
Workshop Date: 11-15 January & 25-29 January 2021
Time: 9 am to 5 pm

Fees: $1605 (inclusive of GST)
Venue: Informatics Academy Campus

Learning Objective

  • Learning Objective
    This course covers major aspects that make your data practice sustainable:
    • Design and Architecture
    • Data Management
    • Data Quality
    • Data Integration
    • Internal & external compliance.
  • Participants will have a clear understanding of robust data governance practice and will participate in scenario discussions and table-top exercises based on real world challenges.
      a) All our courses are customizable as per the participants’ needs and industry
      b) Interactive lecture and discussion
      c) We provide hands-on exercises throughout the training sessions
      d) We design the training program specifically for your organization
      e) We provide remote learning & classroom based training sessions and are conducted around your working schedule
      f) There are pre-assessments to understand the participants’ learning levels
      g) We encourage you to bring your work-place data challenges
  • Pre-requisite
      a) Have relevant work experience or
      b) Attended relevant training in Data Governance, Data Management or Data Operations
  • Course Level

    Download the factsheet here

Workshop Content (Beginner 2 Days)

Module 1: Overview of Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC)

Module 2: Data Principals

Module 3: Introduction to Information Governance

Module 4: What is Data Governance

Module 5: The governance organization and roles

Module 6: Data architecture and design principle

Module 7: Policies and Standards

Module 8: The Data (Governance) Proposition

Module 9: Data Governance Challenges

Workshop Content (Intermediate 3 Days)

Module 1: Data Governance- from organisation and policy to operations

Module 2: Data architecture and design principles

Module 3: Master Data Management (MDM)

Module 4: Data Classification

Module 5: Data (Quality) Management

Module 6: Data Integration and Interoperability

Module 7: Regulatory Compliance

Module 8: Organisation Transformation

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