The NCC Education Level 3 International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies (RQF) is a one-year pre-university qualification which includes a significant amount of English language teaching. The qualification is designed to provide students with an entry route to UK or overseas universities courses, or progression on to the NCC Education Level 4 Diplomas in Computing, Business or Business Information Technology.

The qualification aims to improve students’ general and academic English language ability, enhance their study skills and cultural understanding and equip them with the language and skills to go on to academic study in English in the fields of computing, engineering, and business at a suitable level.

To complete the qualification a student must study and pass eight modules, consisting of six core modules and two elective modules.

Combination of lectures, tutorials and workshops in a classroom environment at Informatics Academy campus. Lessons are typically in blocks of 3-4 hour sessions. The lecturer-student ratio is 1:20.

February, May, August, November

Course Duration

Full-Time 12 Months


Certificate / Foundation

Awarded By


Module Descriptor:
Developing English Language Skills – develops English language skills to be able to communicate effectively beyond simple everyday contexts. It aims to improve all four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and enables a student to acquire a broad range of knowledge which can be used to confidently and effectively communicate in English. The unit guides students through Intermediate and then Upper Intermediate levels of English language study.

Module Descriptor:
Advanced English Language Skills – enables a student to put into practice the language acquired and develop this into an advanced user of English. Students will make extensive use of the four skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing, as well as extending knowledge of complex grammar and advanced vocabulary.

Module Descriptor:
English for Academic Purposes – develops understanding and use of the key linguistic skills necessary to engage effectively in an academic environment where English is being taught.

Module Descriptor:
Study and Communication Skills – equips students with the essential study skills needed to succeed at university level. Students learn the basic skills necessary to conduct independent research, write academic papers, give formal oral presentations and apply what has been taught during lectures.

Module Descriptor:
Culture Studies – enables students to gain awareness and increased understanding of other cultures. Students learn about various features of a foreign country and its culture, with a particular focus on student life and studying abroad.

Module Descriptor:
Foundation Mathematics – builds upon existing knowledge in the areas of mathematics whilst introducing new topics appropriate across a range of academic disciplines.

Module Descriptor:
Introduction to Computer Science – provides a basic introduction to a range of IT topics including organisation of a computer system, the relationship between hardware and software, applications of computers, databases, networking (with a focus on the Internet), graphics and multimedia.

Module Descriptor:
Introduction to Programming – exposes students to extensive practical use of the modern programming language Visual Basic to illustrate the classic programming principles of sequencing, selection and iteration in the context of object-oriented computer programming.


Course Fee
Full-Time S$ 13,054 S$ 15,408
Part-Time S$ 13,054 NA
(Fee Protection Scheme)
S$ 91.38 S$ 107.86
Non-Refundable Application Fees S$ 107 S$ 321
Student Pass Processing and Administrative Fees NIL S$ 321

All fees stated above are indicative and inclusive of 7% GST. Refer to the personalized PEI-Student Contract for detailed fee payment schedule.

Admission Criteria


Minimum Age:16

Academic Qualifications:

  • 1 GCE ‘O’ Level passes; OR
  • NITEC or Higher NITEC; OR
  • An international qualification which is equivalent to secondary education deemed approved by NCC Education.

English Language:

  • IELTS minimum score of 4.5 or above; OR
  • GCE ‘O’ Level D7 or above; OR
  • Have the required minimum result in the NCC Education Standard English Placement Test (SEPT)



Assessment Structure

Assessments for all modules are offered in a number of assessment cycles throughout the year. Modules are assessed by both examination and coursework assignments.

Assessment Structure Global Examination Local Examination Global Assignment
Developing English Language Skills NA 100% NA
Advanced English Language Skills 100% NA NA
English For Academic Purposes NA NA 100%
Study And Communication Skills NA NA 100%
Culture Studies NA NA 100%
Foundation Mathematics 100% NA NA
Introduction To Computer Science 100% NA NA
Introduction To Programming NA NA 100%

Graduation Requirement

Upon successful completion of all modules, students will be eligible for the NCC Education Level 3 International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies (RQF) awarded by NCC Education.

Progression Pathway

On successful completion of the Level 3 International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies (RQF), the qualification allows candidates an entry route to the UK and international university courses or progression onto the NCC Education Level 4 Diploma in Computing.

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