Software Architecture

The aim of the Iasa Software Architecture training is to transform an IT professional into an expert in many categories, with hands-on experience traversing multiple industries and disciplines.

At the end of this course you will have: a clear understanding of the four primary aspects of solution architecture and the aptitude for working with critical stakeholders to deliver the solutions; mastered a variety of hardware platforms including mainframes, distributed platforms, desktops and mobile devices; grasped the inner-workings of a host of operating systems and databases.

You shall be the communication expert to the stakeholders while working within the team throughout project lifecycles to ensure appropriate delivery of technology strategies.

Training Benefits

The participant shall be competent in:

  • To apply rigorous software design methodology that consistently yields the right level of technical design documentation and develop technical solutions that conform both to customer requirements and software development standards.
  • To review and optimise software designs based on rigorous understanding of costs and returns based on the business needs and wants.
  • To recommend software architecture prioritisation through the project implementation process to demonstrate component selection and prototyping
  • To utilize understanding of industry software trends to innovate and provide new project/product ideas within the technology investment lifecycle and ensure software reusability.
  • To communicate software design concepts in the business context to all levels of management in revealing the business values of the technology investment in the software system.

Recommended for

Software Architecture promises to open the door to career advancement for software and IT professional.

The above include:

System Analysts
Programme Analysts
Software Engineers
Project Leaders
Project Managers
SQA Managers
Software Testers
Solution Specialist
IT Analysts
Software Designers
Technical Advisors
Software Consultants
Software Configuration Management
Web Analysts
Associate Software Architect
Junior Software Architect
Technical Decision Maker
IT Management

Module Synopses

Software Architecture Fundamentals

  • Various roles & teams
  • Viewpoints & terminology
  • Software Architecture Principles
  • System Structures

Software Construction

  • Application development
  • Programming Patterns
  • Software construction process
  • Technology platform

Components, frameworks and tools

  • Client programming & UX (User Experience)
  • Client, Server and storage technologies
  • Build & connect software components
  • Database programming

Service Network

  • Asynchronous and synchronous computing
  • Service oriented Architecture
  • Messaging, XML & B2B
  • Application & Service Management

Architectural Process, Methods & Artifacts

  • Software architecture modelling
  • Software quality assurance and total quality assurance
  • Code quality analysis
  • Software complexity

Architecture throughout the lifecycle

  • Working with other architect roles
  • Software architecture governance
  • Build, deployment & delivery
  • Software Service Transition


4 Days


CITA-F certification, Iasa Associate – Business Technology Strategy (BTS)


CITA-A Certified Information Technology Architect – Associate level, by Iasa


CITA-A certification consists of two exams: BTS and Specialisation. The Software Specialisation exam is made up of 100 multiple-choice questions to be proctored on the fourth day of this class. The passing grade is 70%.

Course Fee

S$3,400 (before GST and Government Funding) +S$800 Exam Fee

This courses is endorsed under CITREP+
Up to *90% funding support available for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents.
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