Course Duration

Full-time 12 months
Part-time 16 months



Awarded By

Programme Overview

The combination of computers and telecommunications networks has changed our world. From the mobile phone in our pocket to the supercomputers used to model the earth’s climate, computers are an integral part of our work and social life today. Coupled with a massive increase in our communications infrastructure, this has resulted in a society where people are used to interacting with information and other people from all round the globe.

This has opened up exciting opportunities for people who know how to create and manage these networks and the computers that use them and a degree in networking computing can help you utilise this potential. To be an effective practitioner in this area requires the ability to stay up to date with rapidly changing technologies and the competence to apply these technologies effectively.

On completion of the course you will have gained a knowledge and understanding of the foundations, techniques, limitations, developments, trends and applications of network computing and will have experience and skills in designing, creating, developing and maintaining networks and the computers and software that runs on top of them.

Delivery Model
Combination of lectures, tutorials and workshops in a classroom environment at Informatics Academy campus. Lessons are typically in blocks of 3-hour sessions. The following is the lecturer-student ratio:
a) For theory- 1:40
b) For practical- 1:32

January, May, September

January, May, September

Course Fee
Full-Time S$ 15,515.00 S$ 17,976.00
Part-Time S$ 15,515.00 NA
(Fee Protection Scheme)
S$ 108.61 S$ 125.83
Non-Refundable Application Fees
S$ 107 S$ 321
Student Pass Processing and Administrative Fees
NIL S$ 321

All fees stated above are indicative and inclusive of 7% GST. Refer to the personalized PEI-Student Contract for detailed fee payment schedule.

Normal Entry

Minimum Age: 19

Academic Qualifications:

  • International Diploma in Information Technology and Communication and International Advanced Diploma in Network and Computer Security or
  • Other equivalent qualification deemed acceptable by University.

English Language Requirement:

  • IELTS – min score of 6.0 or
  • Certificate in Proficiency in English awarded by Informatics Academy or
  • GCE ‘O’ Level – C6 or Other equivalent English qualification
Alternative Entry


Students will be assessed through a combination of coursework, project and examinations. Coursework may be in the form of class tests and assignments. Assessment methods may vary according to individual module requirements.

assessment structure coursework exam
current research 100% NA
foundations of computation  30% 70%
advanced networking 30% 70%
network systems management  100% NA
network security  50% 50%
trends and directions  100% NA
project 100% NA
Upon successful completion of all modules, students will be eligible for the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Network Computing awarded by Oxford Brookes University.
Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Network Computing awarded by Oxford Brookes University, the student is eligible to apply for a Postgraduate programme.