Oxford Brookes University is ranked in the top 50 young universities in the world by QS World University Rankings 2019 – the only UK university in the top 50 globally. Starting as the Oxford School of Art in 1865, it developed through the 20th century into a technology school, college, and polytechnic, and finally gaining university status in 1992. Close industry ties enable OBU to develop degree courses that equip students with the skills employers are looking for.

Oxford Brookes University’s Singapore presence is at Informatics Academy, where its UK degree programmes have been taught at since 1998. Over 1,000 students have graduated from Oxford Brookes University’s distance learning degree programmes at Informatics Academy with 80% of graduates securing a job with a median wage of over S$3,000 within 6 months of graduation.

Oxford Brookes University’s Bachelor Degrees offered in Singapore cover IT Degrees, Gaming & Animation Degrees, as well as Network Computing Degrees. These Degree programmes include the following:

Here are some of our OBU graduates and what they have to say about their time studying at Informatics:

Oxford Brookes University Alumni Testimonials

Xiang Kai

Ng Xiang Kai, BSc. (Hons) Computer Science

I worked as a system consultant in NETS data centre. This  course gave me a strong starting point for learning  programming and related skills which are useful for my work. I chose Informatics Academy as they provide the best price, duration and their location is very accessible. The class schedule is also manageable for students who are working. The lecturers are very knowledgeable, supportive and gave interesting lectures which made the modules easier to understand.”


Alvin Tjhie, Content Administrator & Programmer, Altermyth Jakarta. Informatics Academy Oxford Brookes University BSc. (Hons) Network Computing Alumnus.


Alvin Tjhie, BSc. (Hons) Gaming & Animation

Content Administrator & Programmer, Altermyth Jakarta

“Informatics has taught me a lot about the gaming industry that i needed to excel in my workplace, such as how to develop games with Unity, backend programming, object-ordinated designs – turning my hobby into something that could actually fulfill my life.”


Rafael Haddad: Game Programmer - Unity3D (Zengami). Informatics Academy Diploma & Adv. Diploma in Gaming & Animation, and Oxford Brookes University BSc. (Hons) Gaming & Animation Alumnus.Rafael Haddad, BSc (Hons) Gaming & Animation

Game Programmer – Unity3D (Zengami)

“I wanted to do a degree in programming, but I wasn’t too sure if it was to be general or game programming. I saw that Informatics had Gaming & Animation courses, and I thought that would be interesting to do, so I went for it! I enrolled in the Gaming & Animation Diploma, then went on to complete my Advanced Diploma and Degree here. I’ve been in Singapore for five years and enjoyed being in Informatics.”


Oxford Brookes University BSc. (Hons) Network Computing Alumni Testimonials

Andy Tan, Network Engineer - IBM Singapore. Informatics Academy, BSc. (Hons) Network Computing AlumnusAndy Tan, BSc. (Hons) Network Computing

Network Engineer – IBM Singapore

“As Network Engineer with IBM Singapore, I troubleshoot network issues while handling data center relocation projects and deployment of IBM products. This includes gather customer requirements, plan project timelines, deliver network projects by installing, cabling and configuring equipment.

I signed up for a Network Computing Degree with Informatics because it is well-established with over 30 years in the education industry. Throughout the course we learnt practical and in-depth knowledge of the Network Computing fundamentals. This is something not all working environments can provide. Teaching materials are comprehensive, campus location is central and is accessible and course pace is relatively comfortable for part-time students, especially those who are already working full-time. Lecturers are understanding and go the extra mile to assist students.”


Data Center Operations Lead, Amazon Web Services. Informatics Academy, BSc. (Hons) Network Computing Alumnus Niruth Wijewardane, BSc. Network Computing (First Class Hons)

Data Center Operations Lead, Amazon Web Services

The quality of the education and affiliated universities matter – Informatics’ affiliated universities are well-reputed in the UK. The course materials and books that we get from the institute are very helpful. The assignments can be very tough, but they help us to learn more and explore more solutions beyond the classroom, with the support of the lecturers as well. Considering all these factors, Informatics is a good choice for anyone to do their Bachelor’s degree and Diplomas to start in the IT Field.


Ng Wen Chang, Network Consultant, NCS Ng Wen Chang, BSc. (Hons) Network Computing

Network Consultant, NCS

“My job requires a great deal of problem-solving and lateral thinking skills. Prior to taking my degree, I was only equipped with basic knowledge on how to carry out my work sufficiently but did not possess any knowledge outside my job scope.

Before taking up my degree I was never exposed to the entire project flow and how various project aspects fit together. My degree has been helpful in providing me with a strong foundation in computing, as well as a broad perspective of a project’s overall structure.”


Royson Toh, Senior Network Engineer, ST Electronics. Informatics Academy Oxford Brookes University BSc. (Hons) Network Computing Alumnus. Royson Toh, BSc. (Hons) Network Computing

Senior Network Engineer, ST Electronics

“The course has taught me to enjoy the work process a lot more. I picked up a positive attitude from my time at Informatics Academy, have begun to open up to others and learned to have more fun at work, even when we’re stressed and pressed for time.

Upon graduation, I was promoted after demonstrating additional competency in my job. I’ve not only learnt technical skills but also honed my time management skills as I am now able to manage projects and meet crucial deadlines.”


Mohamad Hanif Bin Norman, BSc. (Hons) Computer Science and Software Engineering Senior Software Engineer, Comworth Solutions. Informatics Academy Oxford Brookes University BSc. (Hons) Computer Science and Software Engineering Alumnus.Mohamad Hanif Bin Norman, BSc. (Hons) Computer Science and Software Engineering

Senior Software Engineer, Comworth Solutions

“I decided to take Oxford Brookes University’s Computer Science course at Informatics Academy out of my list of options because it offered the best benefits in terms of learning opportunities, and personal and professional development.”