Everyone knows that companies and organisations are swimming in virtual pools of data. However, not everyone is aware how valuable information, which is constantly flowing in and out of their database, can be. To draw any value out of  the information, there needs to be a way to collect, organise, analyse, present and make sense of that data.

Overview of the Programmes

Data Science and AI are the latest technological trends and industries are rapidly shifting into using these tools and technologies. It concentrates on enhancing the mathematical and algorithmic ability of a programmer to be able to perform advanced tasks and automation across various data solutions. The seamless integration of data science into businesses and enterprises has led to the transformation of  teams of developers and engineers into data science specialisations. There are numerous factors that contribute to the said fact, the primary one being the rapid inclination of IT giants towards Data Science. Hence, they require developers with expert coding, testing, configuring and managing infrastructure skills. There is also a growing demand for data analysts and experts in small and medium enterprises, helping them to effectively use their data to understand the state of their businesses and identify patterns to bolster their organisations growth strategies.

Informatics Academy, in collaboration with Xaltius, offers workshops in the area of Python Programming, Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Machine Learning that are in-depth, intensive hands-on for quality learning and application.

These programs are suitable for working professionals, students, PMETs and business owners. The workshops are conducted at Informatics City Campus located at the National Library Building.

About Xaltius

Xaltius is a technology driven company with expertise in innovative software solutions in the areas of Data Science, AI and AR. They work to enhance and drive superior business performance. Xaltius mainly functions in two areas: products and training. The product line hosts applications that are mainly targeted towards improving customer experience.

For training,  the company specifically deals with Data Science and AI based sessions/workshops. They also work with  partners to deliver such training to various universities and professionals’ in Singapore and India.

Value Proposition

• Data Science Engineers and Consultants are the highest paid in the industry today
• Data Science is playing an important role in uplifting the industry today
• Our Data Science Trainers are highly skilled and aware of  on the ground industry problems and solutions
• We work with real data and use cases to give all participants a complete end-to- end experience of the problems and solutions in Data Science.

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Microsoft NAV Course  Microsoft Dynamics NAV Course Outline

Managing Yourself

  • Basic features and functionalities of ERP system
  • What are benefits of implementing ERP system
  • How ERP system developed
  • Accounting in ERP system
  • Human Resource in ERP system

Managing Your Work Environment

  • Business functions and business processes in ERP system
  • Supply Chain in ERP system
  • Creating new card in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Creating sales and purchasing orders in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Scheduling reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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