Informatics X Xaltius Training Programs

Informatics is collaborating with Xaltius Pte Ltd. to offer a series of short training programs in the area of Python Programming, Data Analytics and Machine Learning that are in-depth for quality learning.

These programs are suitable for working professionals, students and PMETs. The classes will be conducted at our campus located at Level 13, National Library Building.

Overview of the Programs

The ‘Data Science and AI’ certification is offered by Informatics Academy and Xaltius Pte Ltd. a technology-based company specializing in training and professional services that supports the adoption of new technologies in the Data Science and AI domain.

Data Science and AI is the latest technological trend and industries are rapidly shifting into using these tools and technologies across the board. It concentrates on enhancing the mathematical and algorithmic ability of a programmer to be able to perform advanced tasks and automation across various data solutions. The seamless integration of data science into enterprises, has led to the transformation of the team of developers and engineers into data science engineers and professionals. There are numerous factors that contribute to the said fact, the primary one being the rapid inclination of IT giants towards Data Science, hence they require developers with expert coding, testing, configuring and managing infrastructure skills. There is a huge demand for Data Science engineers and expert professionals as pioneer organizations have made a move to adopt Data Science as a practice.

Program Outcomes

On completion of the certification courses, the participants would be able to:

  • Expand career opportunities across all industry sectors adopting Data Science Practices
  • Explain the benefits and value of Data Science in order to set the organization’s expectations and to gauge progress throughout adoption
  • Explain various data science solutions and use cases throughout the Data Science adoption process in the organization across various departments
  • Explain the essentials of Data Science and AI in the organization
  • Explain the challenges of Data Science in the organization
  • Explain the deployment pipelines for Data Science Practices across the organization

Teaching Methodology/Strategy

Experienced trainers from the industries will be delivering these courses.

Program Design Strategy

  • Program has been designed based on the adult learning pedagogy
  • The lesson plan is based on the latest practices used in the industry
  • Learning objectives are defined by Xaltius Pte Ltd.

Program Delivery Strategy

  • A variety of approaches will be used in this course
  • Facilitated interactive scenarios and case study discussions
  • Interactive teaching methodology curated based on numerous previously conducted workshops, trainings and feedback
  • Structured feedback adoption mechanism
  • Programs will give the benefit of learning the practical way with 75% of the course programs being dedicated to hands-on learning
  • Participants can use the created solutions for their personal development

About Xaltius

Xaltius is a technology driven company with expertise to provide innovative software solutions to customers in the areas of Data Science, AI and AR. They work to enhance and drive superior business performance. Xaltius mainly functions in two areas: products and trainings. The product line hosts applications that are mainly targeted towards improving customer experience.

On trainings side, the company specifically deal with Data Science and AI based sessions and workshops and they work with our partners to deliver this to various universities and professionals’ around Singapore and India.

Value Proposition

  • Data Science Engineers and Consultants are the highest paid in the industry today
  • Data Science is playing an important role in the uplift of the industry today
  • Our Data Science Trainers are highly skilled in the real on-ground industry problems and solutions
  • We work with real data and use-cases to give all the participants a complete end to end experience of the problems and solutions in Data Science.

SkillsFuture credits available for eligible participants!

Terms and Conditions

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