Explore the Internet of Things with Micro:Bit

Want to engage in a productive holiday season?

Join us for our special school holiday workshops on ‘Exploring the Internet of Things with Micro:Bit’ to stimulate the young minds!

In this digital age, each and every device we use right from laptops to mobile phones, all depends on technology. The young & curious minds of our generation are the future leaders for tomorrow. Since we are in the technology & digital era we believe in imparting the young minds with technology and coding skillsets in an interesting and enjoyable way.

By being a part of our Informatics Academy holiday workshops conducted in collaboration with Innovation Garage, participants between 8-12 years old will get to be a part of fun & immersive experience by learning hands-on the basics of coding & electronics. The workshops are designed such that kids will be able learn the practicality of electronics and watch math & science come alive!

These workshops will allow participants to explore the world of Micro:bit and learn the basics of coding & electronics in hands-on & fun way!

Bring along a friend and avail our special buddy offer and save S$100* on two tickets! 

Microbit Essentials: In this workshop students will learn how to use Microbit & inbuilt sensors used in electronic gadgets in a step-by-step interesting approach.

Activity Highlights                              38797493_2007292495969242_6492828780078301184_o

  • Introduction to Micro:bit
  • Basics of coding
  • Exploring Sensors Such As Accelerometer
  • Mathematical Concepts & Computational Thinking
  • Create Step Counter (Activity Tracker)
  • Design Gesture Controlled activity (Accelerometer)
  • Wireless Communication via Radio

Microbit innovation explorer: This workshop will teach students various different models to generate such as building light sensor (for burglar alert), brightness control, wireless control and more such interesting models.

Activity Highlights                                                                 38779919_2007292099302615_32332062832721920_o

  • Exploring Sensors Such As Accelerometer
  • Mathematical Concepts & Computational Thinking
  • RGB LED Mood Lamp (Creating an array of colours)
  • Light Sensor (Burglar Alert)
  • Brightness Control (Increase/Decrease Brightness)
  • Gesture Control (Accelerometer to Control LED)
  • Wireless Communication via Radio

Microbit Robotic odyssey: In this workshop students will get to experience basics of automotive industry and learn hands on concepts such as speed control.

Activity Highlights                                                                  38827718_2007292475969244_7107649946886602752_o

  • Mathematical Concepts & Computational Thinking
  • Explore Concepts Of The Automotive and its related machineries
  • Learn Concepts and Application of Speed and Directional Controls
  • Wireless Communication via Radio

Age Group: 8-12yrs

Date                                              20545420_1593632547335241_4308589309692520413_o

  • Microbit Innovation Explorer: 3rd June
  • MicroBit Essentials: Registration closed
  • Micro:Bit Robotics Odyssey: Registration closed

Timing: 10am-5pm

Location: 100 Victoria Street, #13-01/02 National Library Building, Singapore 188064

Workshop fees                                                                

  • Microbit Innovation Explorer- S$ 180 Buy Now


Trainer Profile

Gabriel Joachim Perumal is the Founder of Innovation Garage. He strongly believes that the Young Minds of Our Generation are the Future Leaders of Tomorrow and as such through his passion of teaching technology and engineering he wants to help kids to turn their ideas in reality.

He has worked closely with Organisations such as Singapore Science Centre, Microsoft,HP and have taught more than 1000 students. He was selected to be part of YSEALI where he represented Singapore to share his views about STEM Education to other participants in Asean Countries such as Cambodia and Laos.

Bring along a friend and avail our special buddy offer and save S$100* on two tickets! 

Lunch will be provided to participants

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