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Shah Palak

Hear about the Informatics study experience and how the curriculum prepares Ms Shah Palak, graduate of Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science and Software Engineering, for her career as a Software System Analyst.

Q1 Why did you choose to study at Informatics Academy?

A Informatics was one of the few institutes providing the course with the curriculum that aligns with my interest.

My peers whom graduated from Informatics also shared about their learning experiences about the positive teaching assistance they received.

This influenced me and I enrolled myself in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Q2 What sparked your interest in pursuing this course?

A During my secondary school years, I attended a computer course, which I enjoyed. This sparked my interest in computing and I continued to expand my knowledge in this area through trial and learning on my own after the course.

Q3 Which lecturer(s) left a lasting impression on you during your education with Informatics Academy, and why?

A Every lecturer plays a very important role during the course of my studies.

Mr Pala was one of the best lecturers that I have ever met. He was always ready to assist students with any queries. This reminds me of one incident in where I encountered some challenges with my final year project and he calmly gave me advice and guided me in solving my issues within a tight timeline.

Q4 What do you enjoy most about studying at Informatics Academy?

A The friendly lecturers made the study experience very encouraging and enjoyable.

Some of the students come from different cultural diverse backgrounds and it is interesting to understand their culture and to be part of the dynamic environment.

Q5 Can you share with us what you think you have gained or learnt from this course, and how the skills can be applied in your work?

A Throughout the course I acquired many relevant IT skills and techniques that I find applicable to my work. All the modules were well-structured and enabled effective learning. The curriculum also allowed us to develop soft skills such as project pitching and people management, which I am able to apply to my work.

Q6. How has the programme benefited you in your career?

I found employment shortly upon graduation and have since been presented with opportunities to travel for work and advance in my career.

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Shah Palak Chetankumar

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science and Software Engineering,
Undergraduate, Class of 2015

The staff at Informatics Academy is knowledgeable in their own area of work. The Student Services team is very helpful and friendly, which made my experience in Singapore and at this school a very enjoyable one. On top of that, the Informatics Academy City Campus at the National Library Building is very conducive for studying. I was able to leverage on the resources in the National Library for my projects. The campus location is also rather convenient as it is situated across Bugis Junction, which is where the MRT station is located.

Tran Ngoc Linh Nam

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Gaming and Animation,
Undergraduate, Class of 2016

When I found out about Informatics Academy, I knew it was the perfect opportunity. The programme was flexible, with options of full-time studies over 12 months and part-time studies at 16 months. I took the part-time degree as it was the best fit for me.

Upon graduation, I was promoted after demonstrating additional competency in my job. I’ve not only learnt technical skills but also honed my time management skills as I am now able to manage projects and meet crucial deadlines. The course has taught me to enjoy the work process a lot more. I have opened up to others and learnt to have more fun at work, even when we’re stressed and pressed for time.

This positive attitude was something I picked up from Informatics Academy.

Royson Toh

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Network Computing,
Class of 2014

My position as a Network Consultant at NCS Pte Ltd requires a great deal of problem-solving and lateral thinking skills. My responsibilities include providing network support to clients. Prior to taking my degree, I was only equipped with basic knowledge on how to carry out my work sufficiently but did not possess any knowledge outside my job scope. I have always been trained to do things on-the-job. Before taking up my degree I was never exposed to the entire project flow and how various project aspects fit together. My degree has been helpful in providing me with a strong foundation in computing, as well as a broad perspective of a project’s overall structure.

My degree programme comprises a comprehensive framework that equips students with knowledge on the basic principles of network computing, as well as the best way to apply these principles. There are common modules that all students at the School of Information Technology have to complete. This is to ensure a level of competency is attained before we move into module specialization.

Mr Palaniappan Karuppan Chettiar has been my lecturer for Software Project Management. He has helped me to understand the importance of looking beyond the nuts and bolts and understanding the project in its entirety. He has also stressed the necessity to understand what a project is designed to achieve and how it can be achieved in line with its design.

Ng Wen Chang

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Network Computing,
Class of 2014