Based in the National Library Building at Victoria Street, our city campus is well connected by public transport systems and centrally located within the heart of the arts, cultural, entertainment and civic district of Singapore, home to museums and monuments as well as some of the best food-courts, trendy cafes and popular retail hubs.

Located on the 13th floor of the National Library Building, our city campus has a panoramic view of the island of Singapore. Our classrooms and computer labs are equipped with the latest teaching equipment and the ease of access to the vast library collections, wide ranging programmes, and top quality services and facilities within the National Library Building offer students the most conducive learning environment.

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Our Teacher-Student Ratio stands at the following:
Practical 1:40
Theory 1:50
English Lessons 1:25

Unit 13-01

Inspiring the next generation of innovators the classrooms are named after these great inventors that made a name for themselves in the world of IT.

Unit 13-02

The 4 classrooms here are named based on the values nurtured from the learning journey of the students and inspiring them to build their future by setting their foundation on the principle of “I CAN”.


The resource area offers a collection of various academic and professional knowledge resources that aids our students in their research and learning process. It facilitates the creation of knowledge through self learning and discovery through its wide array of research resources. Students are also able to tap onto the National Library Board’s collections of academic materials with utmost convenience.