The UK’s NCC Education’s recognised Business Information Technology full-time / part-time diploma courses in Singapore are offered by Informatics Academy – one of Singapore’s pioneering IT schools. Informatics Education, a leader in IT courses in Singapore, has been offering IT Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in Singapore since 1983.

Available in part-time or full-time versions to suit the schedules of students, NCC Education’s Level 4 Diploma in Business Information Technology and Level 5 Diploma in Business Information Technology (RQF) make up the first and second year of an IT Degree in the UK’s university system respectively, while remaining standalone, recognised IT diploma courses.

These Business IT Diplomas cover a wide range of topics like e-Commerce, Website Development, Business Management, Business Information Systems, Computer Networks, IT System Maintenance and more.

The Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Business Information Technology, on the other hand, is an excellent post-graduate diploma course made for working professionals aiming to upgrade their skills in the areas of Enterprise Software, Information Systems Analysis, Project Management, and IT Research.

NCC Education Business IT Diploma course graduates can look forward to exciting careers as IT consultants, IT business developers, business operations analysts, information architects, information analysts, systems testers, IT project specialists, web analysts, web application designers and mobile solutions analysts.

Students can also choose from other IT Diploma Courses and IT Degree Programmes, Network Computing Courses and Business Diplomas.

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• NCC Education Level 4 Diploma in Business Information Technology (RQF)
• NCC Education Level 5 Diploma in Business Information Technology (RQF)