Business Architecture

The Iasa Business Architecture training is a platform from which professional architects develop specialist skills in business valuation of technology and human dynamics.

At the end of the course participants will evolve into business technology strategists who can expertly model, analyse and reason about structural and financial aspects of a business. With a newfound ability to trace business events throughout the organisation in terms of information, funds and goods flows, they shall find themselves in the driver’s seat for translating vision, business model and set of goals into appropriate structures of processes, capabilities and organisational units.

Training Benefits

Step into the important role of a specialist Business Architect who can:

  • Model, analyse & reason about structural and financial aspects of a business including accounting for business events and applying basic financial statement analysis techniques
  • Participate in business requirements gathering sessions, document requirements and communicates requirements to multiple groups associated with each project
  • Apply project management expertise to improve productivity, increase efficiency, mitigate risks and resolve issues to ensure deliverables are completed on time and within budget.
  • Translate a vision, business model, and set of strategic business goals in to appropriate structures of processes, capabilities and organisation units.
  • Document how the business is structured to support a technology strategy within a business strategy and to design and optimize strategy for maximizing growth, productivity or other strategic business intentions.
  • Assist in the determination of which functional capabilities are within the scope of a given project and what applications support the capabilities, what systems are involved and what other businesses would be impacted by a project.

Recommended for

All business and IT professionals who see themselves (presently or one day in the future) as a Business Architect should take this course.

Business Analyst
System Analyst
Software/System Engineers
Team Leaders
Project Managers
Solution Specialist
IT Directors/Managers
Head of LOBs
Head of Business Division
Business Consultants
Associate/Junior Business Architect
Technical Decision Makers

Module Synopses

What is Business Architecture?

  • The kinds of projects business architects do
  • Key concepts of a business
  • Business architecture definition

Views, designs & Models

  • The building blocks of building architecture
  • The FOUR business operation models
  • The basic views required to describe Business architecture

Financial & Accounting

  • The primary financial statement & analysis
  • Business events to financial statements traceability
  • Measuring costs & benefits

Strategy & Goal Development

  • The relationship between goals and strategies
  • The components of business model
  • The process for developing and resetting strategy

Process Management and Governance

  • The governance process model
  • The various process of governance patterns
  • The techniques for managing process change

Advanced topics

  • The nature of ethical justification
  • The contract as the underlying concepts
  • The various patterns of organization
  • The business troubleshooting techniques


4 Days


CITA-F certification, Iasa Associate – Business Technology Strategy (BTS)


CITA-A Certified Information Technology Architect – Associate level, by Iasa


CITA-A certification consists of two exams: BTS and Specialisation. The Business Specialisation exam is made up of 100 multiple-choice questions to be proctored on the fourth day of this class. The passing grade is 70%.

Course Fee

S$3,400 (before GST and Government Funding) +S$800 Exam Fee

This courses is endorsed under CITREP+
Up to *90% funding support available for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents.
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