1 June 2018 – Informatics Academy Launches First Esports and Game Design Diploma in Singapore


From left: Amos “Quatervois” Ker Captain of Team Impunity, Allan Phang Allstars Engagement and Internal Branding and Team Manager of AirAsia Allstars Esports Club, Nicholas Khoo Chairman and Co-Founder of SCOGA; Raiford Cockfield III CEO of BITRep.me, Allan Norton General Manager- Informatics Academy Pte Ltd and NCC Education Ltd

Informatics Academy announced the launch of the Diploma in Esports and Game Design at a press conference held on 1 June 2018. The diploma programme which is registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) features an esports component, the first of its kind in Singapore for youths seeking a career in the esports industry and also the fundamentals behind game design and programming.

With the exponential growth of esports and live streaming of major esports tournaments worldwide, the diploma is designed by industry experts to provide the knowledge necessary in becoming a technical game developer as well as the skills for future professionals who will handle the management of esports teams and streaming of esports events.

Allan Norton, General Manager of Informatics Education Ltd, shared that a set of core modules in the new diploma will aim to “equip students with the practical skills and esports knowledge, for them to pursue a career in the field”. He added, “This is the first time we are launching a diploma of such a nature and have already received tremendous interest. We recognise that there is a growing potential in the esports industry and we hope to provide a nurturing environment to groom future talents who are looking to establish themselves in this field.”

With aims to build a career path for gaming enthusiasts in Singapore, Informatics Academy has partnered with (Singapore) Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA), which operates an esports academy supported by the National Youth Council. The introduction of the new diploma has also garnered the support of key companies from the industry including ESL Asia, Riot Games and Twitch, by supporting in areas such as curriculum development, industry insights, guest lectures and providing attachment and internship opportunities for students in the programme.

Following the announcement and signing of the memorandum of understanding with Informatics Academy last year, Nicholas Aaron Khoo, Chairman and Co-founder of SCOGA said: “SCOGA is proud to partner Informatics Academy to allow gamers to pursue their passion in esports full time. We are also humbled to have the support of some of esports’ biggest industry players to bring real world experience and perspectives to the classroom.”

Supporting the launch of the Diploma, Frank Sliwka, Chief Operating Officer, ESL Asia said: “As the global esports industry continues to grow exponentially, so will the demand for quality esports content from fans all around the world. As the world’s leading esports company, we at ESL are particularly mindful of the greater need for highly-trained talents who can help us maintain our global leadership and drive growth in Southeast Asia from our Singapore base. ESL is proud and excited to share with young people in Singapore our experience, knowledge and the exciting range of opportunities in managing events, communities, and giving audiences the very best experiences in esports.”

Ahead of the commencement of the diploma programme, Amos Ker, captain of Team Impunity said: “I am proud to be the school’s ambassador for the Diploma as enrolling in this programme will allow me to gain knowledge from a different perspective of the various aspects of the esports ecosystem and provide me with the opportunity to pursue and upgrade my qualifications in esports which I am passionate about.”

Esports which are competitive in nature, requires the skillsets that are relevant across multiple game genres and platforms. With globalization and widespread adoption of digital technologies bringing increased exposure and the formation of various esports communities, there will be a strong focus on practice-based learning to give students a fuller understanding on the esports and game development industry.

The Diploma in Esports and Game Design course is an 8-month (full-time) or 12-month (part-time)
programme designed for fresh school leavers and/or individuals who wish to develop their career in the
esports and gaming industry. It will equip them with the fundamentals of game development, esports
knowledge and the trend of live streaming of major esports tournament events, together with the concept of game design theories and game programming. Students will have to attend eight theory modules to develop the foundation and practical skills in areas such as fundamentals of esports, live streaming, games development and team management. Upon successful completion of the modules, students will be awarded the Diploma in Esports and Game Design by Informatics Academy and can pursue their careers or continue with the Advanced Diploma upon graduation.

The Diploma in Esports and Game Design will be offered every year in January, May and September.
Applications for the 1st intake in September 2018, is now open.

For full details of the programme, visit: http://www.informatics.edu.sg/esports-game-design-diplomas/