CN was invented and developed based on the emerging concept of course “networking”, as opposed to course “management”. CourseNetworking offers a global, academic social-networking site with unique, next-generation technology solutions for learning and collaboration.

Here is a guide to get you started.

There is a Portfolio page for every CN users, easily accessible by yourself by clicking your own account ID on the top right of the CN page. A Portfolio is a powerful platform to market yourself to potential employers. CN further enhance it with Institutional Network that allows Students and Instructors to drop compliments and recommendations, and badges indicating their achievement during their schooling period.

Here are some photos with brief descriptions on what you can designed in your CN Portfolio. You can visit for a sample profile.

Be sure to try them out, and try defining who you are to the global network.

cn1-header cn2-badgesandtranscripts cn3-compliments cn4-about-self cn5-add-sections